SECTOR: Marine

Lubricants that are well suited to fishing and coastal and inland marine navigation

  • Marine Lubricants

    Our popular grades:

    • Total Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid complying with the European Ecolabel criteria
      Biohydran TMP Range from 32 to 100
    • Total High viscosity Index Hydraulic Oil
      Equivis ZS Range from 15 to 100
    • Total Very high performance anti-wear Hydraulic oil
      Azolla ZS Range from 10 to 150
    • Total Normal plus Complex (red grease) EP Range from NLGI 000 to NLGI 3 Greases for all applications plus many more
      Multis & Multis Complex
    • Total Lithium Complex Red Grease
      Multis Complex EP2
    • Total Extreme pressure grease
      Bio Multis SEP 2
    • Total Extreme-pressure water resistant
      Ceran Grease Range , XM220 and more
    • Mobil Aviation Spec
      Mobilgease 28
    • Total For modern high speed marine diesels
      Caprano TDJ FE,TD1,TDH,TD
    • Total Monograde diesel engine oil
      Disola MT
    • Total For Leisure crafts

    Many more lines available