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  • Castrol Optigear EP Range
    High Performance Gear Range
  • Castrol Tection Global 15W40
    Engine oil for latest mixed fleets
  • Castrol Carecut ES Range
    High Performance neat cutting oils
  • Castrol Brayco Micronic 882
    Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid
  • Castrol Agri MP Plus Range
    Super universal tractor oil
  • Castrol Honilo 980
    Neat Honing oil
  • Castrol Optigear BM Range
    High Performace Gear Oils, Extreme pressure.
  • Elf Evolution Full-Tech FE 5W30
    Very high perfoamance Fuel Economy using ELF synthetic technology
  • Elf Evolution 9OO SXR 5W30 and 5W40
    Very high preformance lubricant based upon ELF synthetics technology, designed for Diesel car engines
  • Elf Moto Tech4Race & 4Tech & 4Road plus 4Cruise , Range = 10W30,10W40,10W50,10W60,15W50,20W50,20W60
    Motorcycle Range 4-stroke motor oil holding international standards
  • Shell Aeroshell
  • Shell Naturelle HFE 46
    Biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Shell Tellus M Range S2 32,46,68 ,100 etc
    Industrial Hydraulic Fluid S2 32,46,68 ,100 etc
  • Shell Shell Tellus S2 V32, 46, 68,100 etc
    Wide Temperature Range Industrial Hydraulic Fluid V32, 46, 68,100 etc
  • Shell Tonna S3 M Range 68 etc
    Premium machine tool Slideway oils 68 etc
  • Shell Omala range
    Gear oils
  • Mobil Mobilgease 28
    Aviation Spec
  • Mobil Mobilgrease SHC
  • Mobil Mobil 1 0W/40
    Fully synthetic engine oil
  • Mobil Fully synthetic engine oil
    Mobil 1 10W/60
  • Mobil Mobil SHC range
    Synthetic gear oils
  • Mobil Vactra No2 , plus many more
    Slideway oil
  • Total Tractagri HDX FE 15W/30
    Fuel Economy Tractor Engine Oil
  • Total Tractagri HDX FE 10W/30
    Fuel Economy Tractor Engine Oil
  • Total Dynatrans MPV
    Multi purpose transmission & hydraulic oil
  • Total Multagri Super 10W/30
    Multi purpose oil for tractors
  • Total Equivis ZS Range from 15 to 100
    High viscosity Index Hydraulic Oil
  • Total Aero Range
    Lubricants for piston engines
  • Total Presila JET
    Lubrication of aero derivative turbines
  • Total Quartz NFC 5W/30
    Popular engine oils for Fords
  • Total Quartz Ineo MC3 5W/30
    Low saps 5W/30 synthetic engine oil
  • Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W/30
    Low saps 5W/30 engine oil
  • Total Quartz Ineo Long Life 5W/30
    Low saps synthetic engine oil
  • Total Quartz Ineo MC3 5W/40
    Low saps synthetic engine oil
  • Total Classic 10W/40
    Semi-synthetic engine oil
  • Total Bio Multis SEP 2
    Extreme pressure grease
  • Total Rubia 7400 15W/40
    Extended drain diesel engine oil
  • Total Rubia 7900 15W/40
    Lower saps extended drain diesel oil
  • Total Rubia 7900 FE 10W/30
    Lower saps diesel engine oil
  • Total Rubia 8900 FE 10W/30,Renault RLD 3 / Volvo VDS-4 / MB 228.51
    Low saps synthetic diesel engine oil
  • Total Rubia 8900 10W/40
    Low saps synthetic diesel engine oil
  • Total Rubia 8600 10W/40
    Synthetic diesel engine oil
  • Total Rubia 9200 FE 5W/30
    Maximum drain diesel engine oil
  • Total RD FE 80W/90
    Synthetic transmission oil
  • Total TI 75W/80
    Transmission oil
  • Total TM 85W/140
    Transmission oil
  • Total Trans TM 80W/90
    Transmission oil and rear axle
  • Total Syn FE 75W/90
    Synthetic transmission oil and rear axle
  • Total Trans RS FE 80W/140
    Synthetic high viscosity rear axle oil
  • Total Multis Complex EP2
    Lithium Complex Red Grease
  • Total Total Dynatrans DA 80W90
    Gear lubricant and limited slip differential lubricant
  • Total Total Tractagri HDX 15W40
    Diesel enngine oil
  • Total Biohydran TMP Range from 32 to 100
    Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid complying with the European Ecolabel criteria
  • Total Azolla ZS Range from 10 to 150
    Very high performance anti-wear Hydraulic oil
  • Total Carter EP Range from 68 to 680
    Mineral oils for lubricating enclosed gears etc
  • Total Dynatrans AC 10W,30 & 50
    Oils for hydraulic systems & Transmission
  • Total Fluide Range of Automatic Transmission fluid
    Automatic Transmission fluid, covering Dexron 2, Dexron 3 , Volvo I shift , & Approvals on many makes
  • Total Multis & Multis Complex
    Normal plus Complex (red grease) EP Range from NLGI 000 to NLGI 3 Greases for all applications plus many more
  • Total Ceran Grease Range , XM220 and more
    Extreme-pressure water resistant
  • Total Finavestan Range = A50B,A80B,A100B,A180B,A210B,A360B & A520B
    White Mineral Oils,NSF 3H registered for Food
  • Total Nevastane Food Range
    Hydraulic Oils suitable for incidental food contact , NSF H1 registered
  • Total Caprano TDJ FE,TD1,TDH,TD
    For modern high speed marine diesels
  • Total Disola MT
    Monograde diesel engine oil
  • Total Neptuna
    For Leisure crafts
  • Total Carter Syn gear oil range
    Synthetic gear oil
  • Total Dacnis range
    Compressor Oil
  • Lubysil BCO 14 in 120ml Aerosols , 5lt Containers & 208lt Barrels
    Ultra low viscosity cutting fluid, developed for machining very tough metals in the Aerospace and Nuclear Industries
  • Quaker Houghton Houghton Aqualink HT804F ver2
    Biodegradable water glycol sub-sea control fluid
  • Quaker Houghton Houghton Rust Veto AS
    Rust protective grease for the protection of threaded ends on tubulars
  • Quaker Houghton Houghton Houghto-Safe 620 E
    Fire resistant hydraulic fluid
  • Quaker Houghton Houghton Stack-Magic Eco F ver2
    Biodegradable blowout preventer fluid for wellhead and multiplexer control system
  • Quaker Houghton Houghton Stack-Magic 300F ver2
    Environmentally friendly Biodegradable closed loop BOP and Subsea
  • Quaker Houghton Hocut 768
    Synthetic coolant
  • Quaker Houghton Hocut 795 SC
    Boron free hard water stable grade,formaldehyde free oily emulsion
  • Quaker Houghton Hocut 3380
    Machining and grinding emulsion
  • Quaker Houghton Adrana D208 FF & DF200
    Semi-synthetic for hard water
  • Quaker Houghton Cutmax 600
    High performance cutting oil
  • Quaker Houghton Dascolene 829
    General purpose cutting voil
  • Quaker Houghton Macron 805 M-10 VEG
    Very high performance neat cutting oil and biodegradable easter type cutting oil
  • Quaker Houghton Sta-put G68,G220 etc
    Slideway oil
  • Quaker Houghton Houghtodrive HM range
    Hydraulic oil
  • Quaker Houghton Rust Veto 100D
    Solvent free rust protective
  • Quaker Houghton Ensis DW6055, plus many more
    Long term rust protection
  • Quaker Houghton Rust Veto DW100
    Wash & protect preservative
  • Quaker Houghton Houghtoclean 134
    General purpose water soluble wash fluid
  • Quaker Houghton Houghtoclean 130AL
    Water soluble wash fliud suitable for aluminium parts
  • Quaker Houghton Houghtoclean 539
    VOC freesolvent cleaner
  • Quaker Houghton Aquaquench 200
    Water soluble polymer quenchant
  • Quaker Houghton Martemp 300
    Heat treatment oil