SECTOR: Offshore

  • Offshore Lubricants

    Our popular grades:

    • Total Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid complying with the European Ecolabel criteria
      Biohydran TMP Range from 32 to 100
    • Total High viscosity Index Hydraulic Oil
      Equivis ZS Range from 15 to 100
    • Total Very high performance anti-wear Hydraulic oil
      Azolla ZS Range from 10 to 150
    • Total Extreme-pressure water resistant
      Ceran Grease Range , XM220 and more
    • Quaker Houghton Biodegradable water glycol sub-sea control fluid
      Houghton Aqualink HT804F ver2
    • Quaker Houghton Environmentally friendly Biodegradable closed loop BOP and Subsea
      Houghton Stack-Magic 300F ver2
    • Quaker Houghton Biodegradable blowout preventer fluid for wellhead and multiplexer control system
      Houghton Stack-Magic Eco F ver2
    • Quaker Houghton Fire resistant hydraulic fluid
      Houghton Houghto-Safe 620 E
    • Quaker Houghton Rust protective grease for the protection of threaded ends on tubulars
      Houghton Rust Veto AS

    Many more lines available