SUPPLIER: Houghton

Houghton - Platinum Distributor

We are a Houghton Platinum Distributor

  • Houghton Semi-synthetic for hard water Adrana D208 FF & DF200
  • Houghton Biodegradable water glycol sub-sea control fluid Houghton Aqualink HT804F ver2
  • Houghton Water soluble polymer quenchant Aquaquench 200
  • Houghton High performance cutting oil Cutmax 600
  • Houghton General purpose cutting voil Dascolene 829
  • Houghton Long term rust protection Ensis DW6055, plus many more
  • Houghton Machining and grinding emulsion Hocut 3380
  • Houghton Synthetic coolant Hocut 768
  • Houghton Boron free hard water stable grade,formaldehyde free oily emulsion Hocut 795 SC
  • Houghton Fire resistant hydraulic fluid Houghton Houghto-Safe 620 E
  • Houghton Water soluble wash fliud suitable for aluminium parts Houghtoclean 130AL
  • Houghton General purpose water soluble wash fluid Houghtoclean 134
  • Houghton VOC freesolvent cleaner Houghtoclean 539
  • Houghton Hydraulic oil Houghtodrive HM range
  • Houghton Very high performance neat cutting oil and biodegradable easter type cutting oil Macron 805 M-10 VEG
  • Houghton Heat treatment oil Martemp 300
  • Houghton Solvent free rust protective Rust Veto 100D
  • Houghton Rust protective grease for the protection of threaded ends on tubulars Houghton Rust Veto AS
  • Houghton Wash & protect preservative Rust Veto DW100
  • Houghton Slideway oil Sta-put G68,G220 etc
  • Houghton Environmentally friendly Biodegradable closed loop BOP and Subsea Houghton Stack-Magic 300F ver2
  • Houghton Biodegradable blowout preventer fluid for wellhead and multiplexer control system Houghton Stack-Magic Eco F ver2

Many more lines available